Offer Frida Kahlo Exhibition in Turin in 2022

Valid from 05/03/2022 - to 05/06/2022

Enjoy a weekend in Turin to discover the city and the Frida Kahlo exhibition: a private and intimate look at the Mexican Artist, Woman and Icon.

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Hotel + QC thermae Package in Turin

Valid from 15/02/2020 - to 31/12/2022

Treat yourself to a wellness stay and take advantage of this convenient package!

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Offer Hotel near Egyptian Museum in Turin

Valid from 09/01/2020 - to 31/12/2022

Are you looking for an Hotel near the Egyptian Museum of Turin? The Concord Hotel is only an 8-minute walk from the Museum and offers a super deal!

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Hotel for motorcyclists in Turin

Valid from 22/03/2022 - to 31/12/2023

The Concord Hotel, offers the ideal solution for motorcyclists: a comfortable and welcoming stop before continuing to discover Turin and Piedmont.

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ミーティング & 議会

Hotel Concord
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