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Turin and surroundings

Discovering a magical and beautiful city!
Turin, unlike what you may think is not only the capital of FIAT, but is also home to major museums and incomparable monuments not to be missed. Find out together:

Egyptian Museum

it is the second worldwide collection of Egyptian civilization after the one in Cairo.
The museum contains works of art and moments of everyday life, including the cult of the dead from the fourth century BC the sixth century.

Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli

simply futuristic. It was designed by Renzo Piano in 2002.
Suspended above the Lingotto and hosts as many as 25 works donated to the city by the Avvocato Agnelli and his wife.
We find works by Canaletto, Tiepolo, Matisse, Renoir, Modigliani, Picasso and a sculpture by Canova.

Mao, the Oriental Art Museum

new cultural pearl of Turin. It lies within the eighteenth-century Palazzo Mazzonis, where through five routes is proposed all the Asian art from Japan to Tibet, passing through Cambodia and Burma, with Zen gardens, stupas, Buddha heads and sculptures.

La Mole Antonelliana

undoubtedly the symbol of the city, whose construction was long and full of obstacles. The Mole is 163,35 meters high and is the tallest brick building in the world. You can go up on an elevator to get to the temple under the spire and enjoy a fantastic view. Mole currently houses the National Museum of Cinema.

Duomo Cathedral and Holy Shroud

the cathedral stands in the homonymous square and is dedicated to St. John the Baptist.
It's the only church in the city in Renaissance style. Inside you can visit the Holy Shroud, the linen sheet on which you can see the image of a man, who suffered signs of violence and crucifixion.
Tradition identifies the man as Jesus and the sheet with the one used to wrap the body of Christ in the tomb.

Castle of Valentino

in the homonymous park located on the banks of Po.
Today the castle is a branch of the Polytechnic of Turin and also houses the Faculty of Architecture.
Its origins date back to 1500 and Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy bought it in 1564.
Over the years it has been passed from king to king and was the seat of battles, agreements, truces and alliances.

Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace)

first and most important Savoy residence, home of Piedmontese politics for over three centuries.
The palazzo is located right in the heart of the city, from which start also the main streets - Via Po, Via Roma, Via Garibaldi and Via Pietro Micca.

Basilica of Superga

was built by Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy in fulfillment of a vow. Rose on the Superga hill before meeting the French army of Louis XIV turned to statue of the Virgin to ask for the grace of victory and thus keep Turin and the whole Piedmont independent.
The Basilica attracts tourists and pilgrims from around the world. From the dome of the church you can enjoy a unique view. It is also possible to admire masterpieces of architecture and fine arts placed at the service of the House of Savoy to enrich the Basilica and some of his secular settings.

Car Museum

worship place of car enthusiasts, the museum contains eighty historic cars brands: Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Opel, Iso Rivolta, Citroen and many more.

Special Location
  • • Palazzo Reale: 800m
  • • Film Museum
  • • Mole Antonelliana: 1km
  • • Castello del Valentino: 1,5km
  • • Monte dei Cappuccini: 3km
  • • Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi: 10km
  • • La Reggia di Venaria: 13km
  • • Park della Mandria: 15km
  • • Basilica of Superga: 18km
Culture, Art, History
  • • Egyptian Museum: 350m
  • • Cathedral and Chapel of the Holy Shroud: 1km
  • • GAM Gallery of Modern Art: 1,5km
  • • Teatro Regio: 800m
  • • Teatro Alfieri: 1km
  • • Teatro Colosseo: 2km
  • • Ex Pala Isozaki: 3km
  • • Antico Caffè Baratti e Milano: 1km
Sports Activities
  • • Il Pardo sports center: 200 m
  • • Valentino Park for jogging: 800 m
  • • Ice rink (on winter): 1 km
  • • Olympic Stadium: 3 km
  • • Juventus Stadium: 10 km
  • • Olympic pool multiservice: 3 km
  • • University Sports Centre: 5 km
  • • I Roveri Golf Club (18 holes): 18 km
Events and Leisure
  • • Settembre in Musica (Music in September)
  • • Cioccolatò (Chocolate event)
  • • Fiera del Libro (Books Fair)
  • • Torino Film Festival
  • • Artissima
Shopping in :
  • • via Lagrange, via Roma (80m),
  • • via Garibaldi (1km), via Po(1km)
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