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Turin has always been linked to esoteric legends involving both white and black magic, earning it the nickname "the magical city."
It is situated at the intersection of two triangles—one associated with white magic with Prague and Lyon, and the other with black magic with London and San Francisco.

From the Palazzo Reale to Piazza Castello, passing through Piazza Statuto and reaching the Church of the SS. Annunziata or the Gran Madre... Explore the city and discover its most secret and hidden sides, connected to the world of esotericism and Freemasonry.

Piazza Castello, a positive symbol of the city. According to esoteric beliefs, just below this square, where many underground galleries intertwine, there are three Alchemical caves, places with the highest concentration of energy. The Palazzo Reale, the epicenter of positive energy, is also located in Piazza Castello.

Piazza Statuto, is the true heart of negativity and magic in Turin. In ancient times, during the Augustan era, those condemned to death were executed here.
The most famous and esoteric monument in the square is the Monument to the Fallen of Frejus, which features many references to Freemasonry. Additionally, a five-pointed star, a symbol of the devil, is depicted on top of the statue.

Then, The Rondò della Forca and Piazza Solferino with the Fountain of the Four Seasons, whose figures are considered by the Catholic Church as images inspired by Freemasonry.

All these places are located to the west, associated with the cardinal point of the setting sun and therefore the presence of the Evil One.

The Church of the Gran Madre, one of the most important places in white magic, where it is said the Holy Grail is buried. In front of the church, there are two statues: one featuring the triangle with the divine eye on the forehead, a representation of religion; the other embodies faith.

The Portone del Diavolo of Palazzo Trucchi di Levaldigi, depicting a demon scrutinizing anyone knocking on the door. For this reason, it is better known as the Devil's Door, a place full of negative energy and many legends.

Finally, in Via Lascaris, where a bank is now located, there used to be a Masonic Lodge.
At the base of this building are fissures shaped like eyes. Over the years, the belief has spread that these are the devil's eyes, making this a place rich in negative energies.
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